Attendance is not mandatory, but your technical report will be greatly improved if you apply the principles taught in the workshops.

Why attend?

The workshops will help your team gain a competitive edge over the competition.

  • Prepare a robust Government Regulations section in your technical report.
  • Prepare a well-thought out Safety Compliance section in your technical report.
  • Course attendance helps your school meet ABET student outcome #2.


Course Logistics:

  • The course will be divided into four 1.5-hour sessions
  • Meetings will run live via Zoom to allow interaction between our Safety Officer and your team.
  • Students are welcome to schedule an appointment to visit with the instructor after the Zoom sessions, if needed.

Did you miss the Sessions?

Email us to request links to recordings:

We are also open to holding another live session in early-mid February. Contact us if you are interested.


Sign up to attend: Link coming soon!