WERC Design Contest Experimental Safety Plan Form

The 2021 Experimental Safety Plan Form

Due February 1, 2021

Please read the instructions carefully  :

The new web-based ESP form will be ready for your use after you have registered for the contest (werc.nmsu.edu). Please fill in each section as instructed and provide attachments as required.  You will find examples, including a paper ESP,  waste tracking form, waste label and photos under the Reference Button. Please feel free to email or call Juanita Miller if you have questions: 575-646-1292 or miljgh@nmsu.edu

  1. Login to the WERC Design Contest System
  2. Faculty advisors: select and open the Intended team page and then push the Experimental Safety Plan button (the blue button on the top left-hand side of the page.
  3. Other team members: select Experimental Safety Plan from the menu bar after login to the WERC Design Contest System
  4. Fill in each section as instructed and provide attachments as required.
  5. Submit¬†the ESP (However all team members can fill each section¬†of ESP, Only Faculty Advisors, Co-advisors and Leaders have access to submit the team’s ESP)
  6. Safety Administrator will review the ESPs and will approve them or may have some questions, comments and/or requests for changes regarding the safety of the experiments which you can see all in the WERC design System. (Please respond to these in an understanding and timely manner).


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