Shipping Information

An Equipment Form describing equipment being shipped to the WERC 2019 Environmental Design Contest MUST be uploaded to your WERC account no later than March 22, 2019. (Just Faculty Advisors and Leaders are able to upload the shipment form on the WERC system).

It is recommended that you ship your equipment to Las Cruces via UPS, Federal Express, etc., to simplify transportation demands.

Prior arrangements must be made in advance for the return of equipment to your school. Since we will be receiving many shipments, you should mark your shipping containers with your school name and number of boxes (i.e. 2 of 4).

We prefer that your shipping packages do not exceed 100 lbs.

If you are planning to send your packages to your hotel or you are not sending any packages, then you DO NOT need to fill in this form.

Otherwise, please, fill in the Equipment form so we are aware of your shipment.

Send your package to :

Attn: Paul Crouch/WERC 2018 Design Contest
1600 Wells Street
Las Cruces, NM 88003
(575) 646-7868