The design contest does not directly award scholarships, but we have found two scholarships and grants that are exclusive to New Mexico teams. Students from other states may be able to find similar scholarships in their state.


New Mexico Indian Resources Development Scholarship

The scholarship is open to New Mexico Indigenous college students. If awarded, the scholarship will pay the student’s portion of registration fees, experimental equipment and supplies, transportation, lodging, and meal expenses.

The application form is completed by the student and includes a brief recommendation from a faculty advisor.

Complete and submit this application to IRD at with subject line: WERC 2022

NM IRD WERC Scholarship ApplicationClick to download pdf of Application


New Mexico Space Grant Consortium

The NM Space Grant Consortium The Student Competition Program provides support to teams participating in NASA and space-related design competitions. Funding may be used for travel or supplies.  Awards may be made for up to $5,000. The overall goal for this program is to effectively utilize the resources available through NMSGC to support student participation in space and aerospace related design competitions. As is true with all NMSGC programs, the participation by minorities, women, and persons with disabilities is strongly encouraged. Applicants and team participants receiving funding must be U.S. citizens. If awarded, it will take at least 45 days to process your request. Applications are accepted any time. 

NMSGC Application InformationClick to go to the NMSGC website