Welcome to the 29th WERC environmental design contest. Registration is now open.
Faculty advisors and judges are required to sign up first for an account.
For sign up, please, click here.

Once approved, you will receive an email with your account details.
Due to limited space, WERC will be accepting 35 teams only on a first come first served basis.
Thank you for your interest and looking forward to seeing you in April 2019.
Due to some technical problem, payments will be accepted starting Dec 6th, 2018. Sorry for the inconvenience
If you have any questions, feel free to contact WERC administration at or call 575-646-8171.

Contest Registration and Entry Fee:

Each participant should submit a complete online registration form.
Payment will be activated for the Faculty adviser only after all participants complete their online registration forms.
If a Faculty adviser has more than one participating team in the design contest, a discounted price is available for each extra team.

First team: 1 faculty adviser + up to 5 students

Each Extra team: up to 4 students

Extra participant: $150

Type of RegistrationFirst teamEach extra teamDue Date
Early bird Registration and Payment$850$650On or before December 18, 2019
Regular Registration and Payment$950$750On or before January 24, 2020
Late Registration and Payment$1,100$950On or before February 3, 2020

Important Dates