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pollution prevention

Chris Campbell provides a presentation on pollution prevention (P2) provides technical assistance and information to businesses and communities on cost-effective ways to reduce pollution and preserve New Mexico’s valuable environmental resources.

The Engineering New Mexico Resource Network in the College of Engineering provides technical business assistance to small and medium-sized businesses across the state.

Pollution prevention (known as P2) is an increasingly important effort undertaken by New Mexicans to manage our waste products properly and to reduce the source of those wastes. Business owners and community leaders are encouraged to contact Engineering New Mexico for technical information on waste management and waste reduction. Engineering New Mexico, through our P2 initiative, is also a partner with the State of New Mexico Environment Department’s Green Zia Environmental Leadership Program, which recognizes businesses that incorporate environmentally sound practices into their business operations.

One of the most important aspects of the College’s outreach efforts is to conduct on-site P2 assessments at New Mexico facilities. These on-site assessments involve identification and review of internal processes and activities; evaluation and assessment of solid, chemical and hazardous wastes; and development of recommendations and Best Practices for P2 options to reduce and/or eliminate those wastes. Assessments and recommendations also take into consideration various disposal/recycling options.

Engineering New Mexico Resource Network also provides on-site energy-efficiency assessments with the goals of reducing energy use and related costs, as well as promoting the installation of renewable energy sources. Two recent examples of IEE’s energy work are:

For more information, contact: Chris Campbell, Project Manager