Project Wet

New Mexico Project WET (Water Education for Teachers) is an international, interdisciplinary water science and education program for formal and non-formal educators of K-12 students. As a state sponsor for Project WET, WERC provides curriculum materials and educator workshops that are conducted throughout the state.

What is Project WET?

  • A nationally developed, K-12 environmental education program which utilizes water as its theme.
  • Project WET is designed for delivery to formal and informal teachers.
  • Lab exercises and activities are designed to be utilized as a supplement with existing classroom curricula.

The Curriculum:

The core Project WET Curriculum and Activity Guide is a collection of more than 90 innovative, interdisciplinary activities that are hands-on, easy to use and fun.

Advanced curricula:

  • The “Conserve Water” Educator’s Guide
  • The Watershed Manager Educator’s Guide
  • Discover a Watershed: The Rio Grande/Rio Bravo
  • Healthy Water Healthy People (water quality)

Project WET supports the No Child Left Behind Act; curricula materials cover diverse topics and disciplines and are designed with a commitment to state, provincial and national education standards. Materials designed to promote critical thinking and problem solving skills are developed, field tested and reviewed by hundreds of educators and resource managers nationwide. Project WET provides high-quality professional development for teachers and non-formal educators through workshops designed around scientifically sound subject matter, practices that have been proven to be effective and a long-term network of support.

For information on Project WET USA programs and materials, visit the Project WET


Since the creation of WERC in 1990, one of the prime objectives of the program has been to solve environmental problems. This is accomplished by combining research and education in a way that benefits the student, the researcher and ultimately, the nation.

The technology development projects are intended to provide financial support for students and faculty, laboratory resources, supplies, materials, technical focus and other elements needed to educate the students and assist the faculty in exploring new and innovative techniques that address environmental and health related issues. WERC consortium member institutions are invited to submit a proposal for funding consideration.

How are the workshops organized?

  • Workshops are available in 6-hour and 15-hour formats.
  • Cross-curricula activities are presented to meet specific New Mexico grade-level standards.
  • Participants receive free training and curriculum guides that include reproducible classroom activities.
  • Many WET workshops are offered for college credit through local community colleges or universities.

Who are the Project WET trainers?

Trained facilitators, including teachers and outreach educators.

How do I request a workshop?

Contact a Project WET Facilitator near you for workshop planning.

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Community Outreach: Make a Splash with Project WET, Water Festival

Make a Splash with Project WET is a national day of water education. It is celebrated across the United States with water festivals, which are educational, fun and interactive water celebrations where students explore a diversity of water-related topics. See all the fun details and flash animation water education activities on the web at Since 1999 WERC has presented this event to thousands of students at communities across New Mexico. Ask about hosting your own “Splash” water festival.

New Mexico Children’s Material

Discover the Waters of New Mexico is a 16-page regional activity booklet written for children ages 8-12. This booklet explores New Mexico’s water history, different state climate zones, ecosystems, and the future of New Mexico’s water. Hands-on activities, stories, and experiments give kids a chance to understand water issues specific to New Mexico. See a full description and ordering information at the Project Wet USA online bookstore.