Problem Statement

TASK 1: Innovative Technologies for an Existing Commercial Building

Research, prioritize, develop and then demonstrate innovative technologies that can be applied to existing commercial buildings to improve efficiency and reduce its environmental footprint.

TASK 2: Photovoltaic System Performance Indicator

Develop and demonstrate a system to determine that a residential utility-interactive PV system is operating properly and that the ac power output is following the solar power available to the PV array.

TASK 3:Inland Desalination Operation and Disposal in Rural, Isolated Communities

Develop and demonstrate a low-cost, energy efficient, simple and reliable system for use in brackish water reclamation.

TASK 4: Sampling Strategy for Spinach

Develop a simple and practical sampling strategy to detect Enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli O157:H7 in spinach destined for bagged salad.  The strategy must be cost effective and easily implemented by the grower or processor into an existing system.  The focus of this task is to develop a sampling strategy (as opposed to a microbiological method).

TASk 5: Separation of Water from Emulsified Oil

Research, develop, and demonstrate an innovative, cost efficient process; which employs or replaces contemporary processes for maximum recovery of water and oil from an emulsion consisting of 2% oil and 98% water. The emulsion is mixture containing 2% of Cylroll CR55, Cyroll CR65, a foam formation inhibitor – Calcium Formate, and 98% water.


Bogazici University

California Polytechnic State University

Clarkson University

Mississippi State University

Montana Tech

New Mexico State University

Ohio University

Oregon University

Roger Williams University

SD School of Mines & Tech

Tennessee Tech University

University de la Americas

University of Arkansas

University of California, Riverside

University of Evansville

University of Idaho

University of New Hampshire

University of Rhode Island

University of Waterloo

Washinton University, St. Louis

Youngstown State University

Instituto Technologico De Estudios Superiores De Monterrey

Centro de Investigacion En Materiales Avanzados

Universidad Autonoma De Ciudad, Juarez

New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology


EPA Science Forum Travel Award

Roger Williams University – Task 1
University of New Hampshire – Task 1
University of Waterloo – Task 3
Montana Tech Task – 3

Mike Berger Outstanding Faculty Award

David Drown

Life Long Achievement Award

Goran Jovanovic, Oregon State

Terry McManus Mem. Student Award

Joyann Pafumi, Roger Williams University
Scott Cloutier, University of New Hampshire

ORAU – Environmental Improvement Realization Award for Achievement and Technical Communication

University of Arkansas – Task 3

Intel Award

Roger Williams University – Task 1

Task 1

First Place – TIE

University of Idaho
University of New Hampshire

Best Paper and innovation of technology and ecologically friendly design

University of Waterloo

Task 2 and 4

First Place

Oregon State University

Outstanding Bench Craftsmanship

University of Rhode Island

Task 3

First Place

Universidad de las Americas

Second Place

University of Arkansas

Notable Presentation for both Oral and Bench Scale

Clarkson University

Task 5

First Place

University of Arkansas

Second Place

University of Idaho

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38 (representing 22 Organization)


AwwaRF, Intel, Corporation, NSF, ORAU, USDOE, USFDA, EPA