Problem Statement

Task 1: Arsenic Treatment for Rural Isolated Communities Develop and demonstrate a cost-effective, energy efficient, treatment technology to remove arsenic from challenge water in presence of other contaminants and ions such as silica and iron from drinking water in rural isolated communities

Task 2: Low Energy Use Desalinization system
Develop and demonstrate a low-cost, simple and reliable system for use in brackish water reclamation. The proposed solution must be applicable for use in inland desal facilities and should address waste issues, reject water handling and optimization, energy consumption, and associated costs.

Task 3: Cleaning of a water distribution system
Develop and demonstrate a simple, easy to implement, process to clean a large city water distribution system that has been contaminated. The proposed solution must address effectiveness, implementation issues in existing pipelines, & associated costs.

Task 4: Food Facility Contamination
Develop a simple and practical verification system to validate clean up of a food facility that has become contaminated with a microbiological or chemical agent. The solution must be cost effective and take into account all aspects of cleanup, including any waste disposal.

Task 5: Removal of TMAH from liquid waste collection system
Develop and demonstrate a cost effective, easy to implement, system for removal of tetramethyl ammonium hydroxide from concentrated steams in the semi-conductor industries. Your proposed solution must be able to address solubility, economics, and present a practical approach in segregation and treatment of TMAH.

Task 6: Eliminate black smoke from diesel operations
Develop and demonstrate a cost effective, efficient way to eliminate or reduce black smoke/plumes commonly associated with diesel generators. Your proposed solution must be easy to implement, maintain and operate while providing effective removal.

Task 7:Carbon Sequestration
Develop and demonstrate a new and innovative technique for removal and permanent storage of carbon dioxide from flue gas. Your proposed solution must address total carbon accounting and life cycle, carbon trading, economic issues, environmental impacts, and the associated costs.

Task 8: Underwater Pond Liner Repair System
Develop and demonstrate a system that repairs pre-identified leaks (tears or punctures) in pond liners made from synthetic (including geo-synthetic) materials, without the need to drain and clean the pond.

High School Task
High Schools may address any of the tasks above or select a task of their own to work on. We categorized that as an “Open Task”. Prior approval has been given by WERC on the subject of their Open Task.


Budapest Technical University

Clemson University

Duke University

Lafayette College

Louisiana State University

Michigan Tech

Montana Tech

New Mexico State University

Ohio University

Oregon State University

Roger Williams University

Texas Tech University

Univ. de las Americas

Univ. Arkansas

University of Idaho

University of Arkansas

University of Idaho

University of Manitoba

University Missouri Rolla

University Nevada, Reno

University New Hampshire

University New Mexico




Centro de Estudios Technologicos de Juarez

Cimarron HS

Grants HS

Mesilla Valley Christian School

San Jon HS

Tatum HS


USDA Award – “Teamwork”

University of Arkansas – Task 4
New Mexico State University – Task 6

Malcolm Pirnie –
E3 – Economy, Environment, and Social Equity

University of New Hampshire

Terry McManus Mem. Student Award

Kendra Valdez – Grants High School

ORAU – Environmental Improvement Realization Award for Achievement and Technical Communication

Clemson University

Intel Award Winner

Oregon State University

Lifetime Achievement Award for Commitment to WERC and the Environmental Design Contest

Jim Navratil, Clemson University

Outstanding Faculty

Roy Penney, Univ. of Arkansas
Steve Goodgame, San Jon High School

Task 1

First Place

Louisiana State University

Second Place

Michigan Tech University

Judge’s Choice
for Effective Technology Transfer through Creative Poster Design Leading the Viewer through the Design Process in a Logical Manner Combining Appropriate Quantities of Text and Attractive Graphics

Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Task 2

First Place

Montana Tech

Second Place

University of Arkansas
Universidad de las Americas

Task 3, 4, 6, 7

First Place

Montana Tech

Second Place

Michighan Tech

Judge’s Choice
Outstanding Bench

Universidad de las Americas

Task High School

First Place, Open Category

San Jon High School

First Place, Sponsored Category

Mesilla Valley Christian School

Second Place, Sponsored Category

Tatum High School, Task 1

Best Bench-Scale

Grants High School – Task 6

Best Poster Presentation

San Jon Middle School

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