Safety Summary

Summary Requirements

The purpose of the bench-scale safety summary is to identify the what, where, when and how chemicals associated with the bench-scale process will be used. In case of an accident, WERC must present written plans on accident response. This document will be used for that purpose. It will be a confidential summary that will be reviewed by NMSU and WERC safety officers. The summary must be received by the due date and a copy must be kept in your booth before a Safety Operating Permit will be issued. The bench-scale process flow diagram will assist WERC in identifying unit operation plans prior to team arrival in Las Cruces. This summary is considered an additional requirement that takes the place of regulatory permitting required in a typical operating plant. The Safety Summary Form and Flow Sheet must be completed by the due date and along with MSDS sheets submitted to

This information will support your bench-scale safety and assist us in determining any risks associated with your task demonstration. Please submit your MSDS sheets along with your WERC Design Contest Experimental Safety Plan form


During the contest a copy of the summary and a WERC Safety approved Bench-Scale Operating Permit (to be given to you by the safety officers at the contest) must be kept in your booth area at all times.

The WERC Design Contest Experimental Safety Plan form must be submitted via email:

The deadline for submitting your form is January 15th, 2018. Teams failing to submit their fors by the due date will not be issued an operating permit to set up their bench-scale process. Late submission could cause a delay in bench-scale setup.