Poster Presentation

General Guidelines

A poster board must be created for each task entered. If you have entered more than one task, you must have a separate poster board for each task. Maximum poster board size allowed is 48″ X 48″. No more than one board is allowed per task. The cost for the preparation of poster displays and presentation material should not exceed $250. This amount includes the associated value of all materials used or donated for the presentation. Points will be deducted for exceeding this limit. Your poster presentation will be scored at the same time as your bench-scale presentation. It is recommended that you “practice” using the poster to demonstrate your bench.

Please be aware that the bench scale and the posters are judged simultaneously. You need to include the poster as part of your presentation during the bench scale judging.

General Judging Criteria

  • Conciseness and clarity of the poster
  • Completeness of the poster
  • Team’s knowledge of the subject
  • Overall Impression