Oral Presentation

Download the WERC Participation Guide – Oral Presentation 2020

Valuable details of requirements and helpful hints for preparing for a successful Oral Presentation

General Guidelines

An oral presentation (maximum of 15 minutes) will be required of each team per task. Points will be deducted for exceeding the time limit on the basis of 25 points per minute or fraction thereof. An additional 10-minute period will be allowed for judges’ questions. The time required to move onto the stage, to set-up and break-down displays and audio-visual equipment should not exceed five additional minutes for each presentation.

Prior to the oral presentation, the team captain must identify the presentation team members to the judges. These participants can be any of the members who officially sign-in at registration. The presentation may include up to a maximum of four student presentation team members and only these 4 students may participate in the answering of questions and presenting the material. The judges’ questions may only be answered by the identified student presentation team members.  A significant penalty will be assessed for violation of this rule.

Audio-visual equipment such as slide projectors, overheads, etc., are allowed. PowerPoint presentation projectors can be provided by WERC. WERC will not provide the computers. WERC highly recommends that you provide your own PowerPoint projector as the connection cords are not always compatible.

The oral presentations will not be open to any other participating teams. Team members and/or the team’s faculty adviser(s) may attend the presentations by their own universities. Videotaping of the presentation by team members or team representatives is not allowed.

General Judging Criteria

  • Overall quality, completeness, level of research and discussion of results
  • Justification and advantages of the proposed project
  • Process flow sheet, material balance and safety discussion
  • Realism of cost estimates
  • Ability to answer judges’ questions
  • Delivery and effectiveness of presentation