Bench-Scale Demonstration

Download the WERC Participation Guide – Bench Scale 2020

Valuable details of safety requirements and helpful hints for preparing a successful bench-scale demonstration

General Judging Criteria

  • Functionality, yield and overall performance
  • Bench-scale process operation safety
  • Waste generation, recovery and stability (where applicable)
  • Originality and completeness of the bench scale
  • Repeatability, accuracy and reproducibility of bench scale
  • Cost of and suitability of bench-scale construction



In the contest, as in your career, safety should always be a part of how you operate. Safety is a major concern during the contest.  WERC safety officers will inspect your booth several times during the contest, and citations will be issued for violations.  Have your university safety officer review your bench-scale set-up before leaving for the Contest.

In addition, judges consider your adherence to safety issues as they assign points during the Bench-scale Demonstrations.

See the WERC Participation Guide -Bench Scale 2020 for more details

Bench-Scale Event Schedule

Time/Day Event                                                              Description


2 – 5 pm and 6:45-8:15 PM

Bench-scale set-up The space available to each team will be a 10′ X 10′ area. Electrical outlets (110), and a 6′ folding table will be available in each booth. Upon request in advance, water, air, and vacuum can be made available to each team. Other utilities such as gas must be provided by each participating team. A modest supply of hand tools and construction materials will be provided. Additional material will not be available unless special arrangements are made ahead of time.

Some chemicals can be obtained on campus through the NMSU’s Main Stockroom (Tom Reichardt, manager). The Chemistry Stockroom is located in room 103 the Chemistry & Biochemistry Building (building 187) located near the top of Horseshoe Drive on the University Street side. Purchases for general chemicals and supplies may be made by cash or check. Just stop by and ask or call 575-646-4330 for availability and pricing. Hours are 8:30 am – 9:00 pm Monday-Thursday and 8:30 am – 5 pm Friday.

Prior to running your process on Monday, a Safety Operating Permit is required. No processes will run on Sunday, but we will begin issuing Safety Operating Permits on that day. Safety Operating Permit includes: MSDSs, Safety Summary, NFPA Placarding (provided by the WERC Safety Team), and team emergency contacts.

The bench-scale area closes promptly at 8:15 PM.


8 am

Sample distribution For each appropriate task, a test sample will be made containing one or all of the contaminants listed in the design statement. Handout of the samples will begin on Monday morning at 8:00 am. Additional specific test sample instructions are included with information on each task. Using appropriate methods, the sample integrity and its homogeneity will be preserved.
 Monday Bench-scale operational Prior to running your process, a Safety Operating Permit is Required. If you did not obtain a permit on Sunday, apply Monday morning.
Tuesday Bench-scale and poster judging All teams will present their bench-scale and poster presentations several times to teams of judges. Please follow the schedule in the handbook that will be given to you when you arrive at the contest.
Monday & Tuesday Evening Sample Evaluation The results of the samples will be evaluated using analytical equipment located on the NMSU campus. A secondary outside lab may be used to confirm first-place results.

8 am – Noon

Bench-scale take down Bench materials must be packed and shipped or disposed of properly by noon. The bench-scale area will be closed at noon.