2015 International Environmental Design Contest

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Our current plan is to hold the contest at the New Mexico Farm and Ranch Museum in Las Cruces (Directions).  Please be aware that this may change based on the number of teams that register.

Important Dates

Contest Registration Due December 17, 2014
Entry Fee Due January 12, 2015
Written Report Due March 13, 2015
Safety Summary, MSDS Sheets, and Flow Sheet Due March 16, 2015
Equipment Transportation Form Due March 18, 2015
Opening Ceremonies/Safety Meeting (mandatory) March 29, 2015 @ 6pm


Task Number of Teams Registered – As of 3/18/15

Task 1 – Open


Task 2 – Separation of Oil from Water


Task 3 – Electrocoagulation for Sulfate Removal


Task 4 – Radiative Cooling to Night Sky


Entry Form

Registration – We are having some issues with our registration form when registering multiple teams. If you are trying to register a second or third team, and the “register any additional team” form does not work, please register using “register 1st team” form and ignore the “register any additional team” form.  Sorry about this!

Contest Details

General Guidelines


Travel & Lodging

Local Hardware Stores