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Be a Judge!

Are you a professional engineer who wants to “give back?”

Our undergraduate teams need your perspective–you and your judging team may be the first set of practicing engineers that have worked closely with these students.

The contest helps students transition from theory to practice. We model the contest after the engineer’s RFP, asking undergraduate student teams to select a task, conduct background research, develop a solution, build and demonstrate a working bench-scale apparatus as proof-of-concept for their design, develop a business plan for full-scale implementation, and address government regulations, potential waste streams, and public relations.

Teams write a technical report, give an oral presentation and a poster presentation, and conduct a bench-scale demonstration.



Judging FAQs
Do I need to email comments to the teams? (Posted 4/2/21)
No. This is completely optional. If you do email them, they will receive them prior to the next event. If you do not email comments, they will receive any comments that you post on the WERC judging site after the contest.

If you decide to email comments, only do so for the technical report. You will be able to talk to the teams directly at the other two events.

How do I email a file to the teams I am judging? (Posted 4/2/21)
You must follow these steps to attach the file:

  1. Click yellow “Email to members” button.
  2. Enter desired text in the box.
  3. Click “Upload File” and navigate to the file you want to upload from your computer.
  4. Linking the file: You will be returned to your email message and you will see a blue http address.
    1. You must click on the “link” symbol beside the http address (beside it you will see the “unlink” symbol).
    2. When you highlight the “link” symbol, it will say “Edit”.
    3. Click on the “link” symbol An “Insert Link” window will pop up.
    4. Enter the name of the file in the blank box. Do not alter the URL.
    5. Click “Open in new window” if you prefer.
    6. Click “Insert Link” This returns you to the mail you are constructing.

When ready to send the email, click “Send Message.”


How it works: This links the file to a page on our website. The process above sends the team a link to the page and allows them to download that link.

Should I email my comments about the technical report to the teams? (Posted 3/31/21)
Yes, you can email the team. Pressing the yellow “Email to members” button in the team’s area will send email to the entire team, including their faculty advisor.

As you make comments, remind the team that they will not be able to make any changes to their report because these are already being scored, however, it can help them improve their performance in the next events: the bench-scale (or poster) and oral presentations. In fairness to all teams, if you send suggestions to one team, you would send to all, if warranted.

When will the teams see the scores and comments I enter on the WERC site? (Posted 3/30/21)
After the contest is over, teams can log into the WERC team site and view your comments.

If you make in-line comments in the report, the teams will be emailed the report after the contest is over.

Judges’ Contest Handbook

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