The Design Contest is an IEEE Conference!

Conference name: 2022 Waste-Management and Education Research Conference

  • All written reports submitted to Design Contest judges will be considered for publication in IEEE Xplore.
  • Approval for publication is based on judges’ review of the paper
  • A team need not win a prize to be invited to publish in the proceedings.
  • Faculty Advisors may be included in the list of authors.
  • Link to 2020 publications.
  • Link to 2021 publications.



1. The team writes the technical report, as required at the contest.

2. After reviewing all technical reports submitted, judges recommend a subset to be considered for publication.

3. All teams will be notified of their status in the first review process by April 19, 2021.

4. Teams whose papers are under consideration will condense their technical report to 12 pages (see Paper Requirements, below).

5. The updated papers undergo a new review process, including review/revisions/final review.

6. The team pays the $50 paper charge (Fee waiver for IEEE members. See below.)

7. The paper is published in IEEE Xplore.


Paper Requirements

Limit of 12 pages, using the IEEE-WERC Paper Format Template.
Deadline for submission: May 6, 2021

Include process-flow diagrams with mass/energy balances, as appropriate.

IEEE-WERC Paper Format Template.docx file


Publication Fees and Waivers

Per-paper fee for publication: $50

Fee Waiver: The $50 fee is waived for a team that has at least one student IEEE member.

Link to IEEE student membership informationApply for IEEE Membership


Author Kit (Coming Soon)

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