Flash Talk Date: Monday, 11 April 5:30 – 6:30 PM (MDT).

Location: Ventanas Ballroom

Optional: Teams are not required to compete

Register: email werc@nmsu.edu to let us know you are competing.
Include team name (from WERC team registration site) and name of Team Leader (or faculty advisor or co-advisor)

Flash Talk Slide TemplateUpdated 1/14/21. Click for .pptx file

Cash Awards
Cash awards for the top Flash Talk winners will be announced immediately after the Flash Talk Competition.
Awards: $1000-$500-$250-$200.

Flash Talk Submission:
Submit the FlashTalk PowerPoint slide presentation no later than 2:00 PM on Monday, 6 April.
Watch this page and the Flash Talk FAQ page for details on submitting the Flash Talk Slides.

Flash Talk Guidelines:
See the Team Manual for complete guidelines for preparing the Flash Talk (Team Manual found on Guidelines page).

The team is required to follow the Flash Talk Template (see button above).

Slideshow Setup (for onsite contest only)

This image shows students standing in front of the screen (with the slideshow screen behind them) and the podium with microphone at the left side of the photo. Note that the bottom third of the slide may not be viewable by audience in the back of the room. The photo makes the room look small, but it is not. Note the round tables. The room is at least 7 tables deep and 12 tables wide (room dimensions coming soon).