2013 Graduating Students, Staff

IEE students worked hard to accomplish their goals after May 2013 graduation.

Abbas Ghassemi and Stephanie Franco

Baraka Lwoya

Baraka Lwoya

Baraka Lwoya graduated from chemical engineering with a minor in chemistry. He plans to pursue his PhD at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Lwoya was named outstanding graduate student by the International & Border Program, received a Fellowship from the IEE/WERC, where he worked for a year, and he was also awarded with the Latimer Evans Scholarship for organic chemistry.

“…The two greatest jobs are either teaching, which would lead me to becoming a professor, or the other job which would be for me to become an entrepreneur. Those are the two options I’m exploring,” Lwoya said.

Lwoya was born in Nairobi, Kenya and he anticipates going back there to work after graduate school. “Designing my own food plant in Africa is my dream,” Lwoya said.

Karl Dykman, who also graduated with a major in individualized studies and a minor in environmental management, has been working for IEE/WERC for four years on different projects such as: Algae biofuel, air circulation system, water treatment and renewable energy. “I plan on continuing working on these projects,”

Abbas Ghassemi and Karl Dykman

Abbas Ghassemi and Karl Dykman

Dykman said, “I follow what interests me, and that is a golden key for success,” he added.

Dykman is also planning on continuing his education. “I’m still curious, that is why I would like to keep studying,” he said,” We will see how things go, I’m just going with it.”


The IEE also extends its congratulations to Connor Hanrahan, who completed his master’s degree in chemical engineering, Richard Gerome and Stephanie Franco who also received minors from IEE/WERC in environmental management and successfully completed their undergraduate educations at New Mexico State University.

Richard Gerome and Abbas Ghassemi

Abbas Ghassemi and Connor Hanrahan.


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