Task 5 FAQs

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Task 5: Produced Water: Rare-Earth Element Recovery and Clean Water Production

List of changes made to Task 5 on 10/22/19:

1) Sponsor’s logo, NGL Water Solutions, LLC was added.  We are grateful for their sponsorship! They are a company that regularly remediates produced water.

2) Background improved to indicate locations where produced waters are found.

3) Synthetic solution changed: erbium was replaced with europium, since europium is found in much higher concentrations in oil and gas basins than is erbium.

4) One additional reference was added: Quillinan, et al. 2018. Assessing rare earth element concentrations in geothermal and oil and gas produced waters: A potential domestic source of strategic mineral commodities, Final Report to U.S. Department of Energy, Geothermal Technologies Office. 2018.    [Accessed 10/01/19 via: https://gdr.openei.org/submissions/960 ]

5) The first bullet of the “Design Considerations” was re-written to more clearly indicate that the REEs should be separated after recovery:

  • Design a water-treatment process that will recover a minimum of 70% REEs from the produced water. The REEs should be separated into their individual elements: Eu, La, and Nd,


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