WERC Design Contest Experimental Safety Plan Form

Please read the instructions carefully  :


  1. Fill out an ESP for each team’s experiment(s). This must be typed and should be left in MS Word format.
  2. Return to Juanita Miller (miljgh@nmsu.edu) –safety Specialist– for review. Juanita will correspond with the team regarding any changes or additions needed. Once the document is approved, Juanita will notify the team.
  3. After document approval, adviser and researchers will SIGN the front page of the document, scan and send a PDF version of the document to Juanita
  4. Upon receipt of signed team document, Juanita will sign the Phase I block and return the signed PDF to the team.
  5. At the event, Juanita or designated person, will review the team’s experimental setup and ensure it conforms to the ESP document. If your experimental setup conforms the ESP document ,phase II block will be signed which indicates that the team is ready to begin experimental operations at the event.
  6. Any changes to the experiment need to be documented and will undergo the same approval process, but generally a much shorter cycle time. And the document # will reflect a revision letter beginning with A.

If you have questions about these instructions or the documents, contact Juanita Miller at : miljgh@nmsu.edu

  1. WERC Design Contest Experimental Safety Plan form (.pdf) (.docx)
  2. Sample Example of Experimental Safety Plan form “Cyanuric Acid effect on swimming pool water hardness” – based on Juanita’s graduate school project