2018 WERC Design Contest FAQ

We are very interested in responding to questions that you may have as you begin development of your Task Solutions.  We will update the FAQ as questions are received and posted for all to use.  If you have questions that you would like clarified regarding the WERC Design Contest or a specific task, please email werc@nmsu.edu.

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2018 Environmental Design Contest Tasks

Samples will be prepared by WERC for All tasks except Task 7.
You will receive the water sample ready for testing your proposed design.
Task 7 will be responsible for preparing their own samples. Samples will be tested before and after running your experiment .

Track 1:  Industry Need

Track 2:  Emerging Innovation for Sustainable Land Use Planning

Track 3: Internet of Things (IOT) for Environmental Applications

Track 4:  Environmental Public Health

Track 5:  Open