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environmental classes

Students receive unique educational and research opportunities.

Through NMSU, WERC offers numerous undergraduate and graduate courses, and an undergraduate minor in Environmental Management.

The Environmental Management minor is an interdisciplinary program administered by WERC. Renewable energy systems courses include topics in thermal-solar, photovoltaic, wind, geothermal systems, and other current areas. Theory, practical applications, safety considerations, and the economics of alternative renewable energy systems are also examined. A student must pass 18 credits from a list available on the Chemical Engineering website with a grade C or better.

NMSU’s graduate program in Environmental Engineering provides educational and research opportunities at the graduate level in the fields of water quality, water treatment, water pollution control, wastewater treatment reclamation and reuse, hazardous and soil waste management, and groundwater treatment. The program requires 30 semester credit-hours minimum, including a thesis.